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Nov. 5th 1899

We got out at 3 A.M., marched out and formed a reserve line for the advancing column of the 17th. Several bullets whistled over us and some heavy firing was done in front of us. About 10.30 A.M. we went back to camp got dinner, took some hardtack and bacon in our haversaks and started out with the 17th’s pack train. We wallowed along in mud and water, sometimes waist deep, till midnight (Capt Cravens says 2 A.M.) or later and then came into a town Magalong held by the 17th. We tumbled down in our wet clothes (it had rained nearly all the way) and slept the night out. The 17th gave the niggers ned, driving them out of several towns. The reports of killed vary from 99 to 300 insurrectos. American loss 9 wounded.