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Dec. 5th 1899

We left Floridablanca soon after daylight yesterday A.M. All the troops but M 32nd went at 11 last the night before. M is guarding the bull trains and our wagons went with them. During the forenoon the fellows stole Carabaos and ponies all the time & in the afternoon stole chickens and ducks. We pulled into Montinario Dinalupihan at dark. The column that left Floridablanca in the night came in about noon, found “bevs” some of them got drunk & got their quarters on fire so when we got there about 1/3 of the town was in ruins. This morning some of the boys scratching around in the ashes found a lot of silver Pesos and Stalves: One man got a hat full and three a wash pan full, two together got 166 Pesos ($83 American) each in a bucket and several of the boys got smaller amounts. I have an Half-peso for a relic. We left Montivatio Dalilupihan Dinalupihan at 9 this A.M. & within 3 miles an artillery Caisson went through a bridge & stopped us till nearly noon. We were with the fighting column but the infantry went on & left the wagons & artillery so we were between them & the bull trains. We passed through three or four towns & at night stopped in quite a large town. Orani There are six cannon & about half a bushel of grape-shot lying in front of the church here. The cannon are pieces of 3inch iron pipe encased in two wooden halves bound together with hoops & plaited bamboo.