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Oct. 22, 1900

Cuco returns with 2 proas in tow.  On the 16th Dent was ambushed between Payo & Bug-Amanag in a ravine by 80 bolo men who jumped down onto them from the high banks.  Corp Jackson, who was last, was knocked from his horse and cut 18 times in the arms, hands, neck, head, back and legs.  The native policeman, who tried to rescue him was cut on the wrist and head. Pv O’Connor was slightly wounded in the leg and had his rifle knocked from his hand by a bolo. The Ams. On recovering from their surprise dashed back and rescued Jackson and the policeman (Juan) our interpreter Antonio Molina being slightly wounded in the leg.  Dent fought his way to Payo leaving 2 guns the horses and  ______ to their own account losing 8 men killed. The Ams. reached Payo on the 17th and barricaded themselves in the tribunal, a stone bldg, till the night of the 18th when the presidente of the town provided a proa and the Ams. embarked, intending to sail back to Virac, but the native crew deserted with the rudder and it was imposible to get out of the bay with oars alone before daylight.  In the morning the insurrectors opened up on them from the shore and boats.  The Ins. kept up a hot fire and at one time the boats pressed them so close that Dent contemplated shooting Jackson who was in great agony from falling into the hands of the Ins.

The Ams. finally managed to clean the bay and shake off the enemy.  They suffered greatly from hunger and thirst only having a few lbs of uncooked rice and no way to cook it. on the 20th they were met by the relief party and started back to Virac.  They were met by the Cuco on the night of the 21st and arriaved at Virac on the 22nd.  They were all taken to the hosp, had their wounds dressed and had a good feed.  Jackson is not expected to live.