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Jan. 9, 1901 2 A.M.

Capt Bishop and party passed our out post on the way to capture the Ins pos. They told us that Lt. Burke left town at 12 M.M. and would make a detour coming down on the insurgents from the N.  The capt would make a short detour striking them from the W. while Sarg Ehlenfeldt would leave Virac at 5:30 A.M. and march direct on the Ins camp.

About 5 AM we returned to town and on reaching the barracks found that Ehlen. Was just mak___ he did if Corp Pierce had not become excited and fired before the Ins. Got  into the road; as it was we got 7 men, 4 killed 2 wounded and 1 captured, others were wounded but got away.  The Ins. Immediately took to the __nt, where they took up a position and held it until the capt arriaved with a reinforcement of ten men and charged their position when they took to the woods, higher up the mt. side where persuit was impossible, carrying their wounded with them.  The young fellow we captured was trying to carry off one of the wounded.  Captured 3 guns, & papers of R Bustos 1. G.P.M. de Catanduanes.