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Jan. 11, 1901

I and several others were sent to reinforce the bunch at Cabugao.  This looks like a little excitement as the niggers outpost is on a hill across up his squad.  As an old friend of Billys I bummed a place on his squad and went with him.  After some little difficulty we found the ravine pass leading to the Ins. camp and started up the trail when suddenly a Filipino bugle was sounded almost immediately followed by shots which was all we needed to send us forward on the double.  When we reached the scene we found the Ins. just piling out.  There were only about 25 in the place at the time 9 of whom were killed and 1 died a couple of hours later;  Several wounded managed to get away.  We captured about 10,000 lbs of rice, clothing, 7 caraboa, 11 horses, 1 gun and a number of bolos.  We burned the town and returned to Virac.  I captured two chickens and a horse which had been shot through the shoulder just under the back bone.  The would did not seem to bother him as I rode him all the way back to Virac.  We rested all day and about 8 P.M.  Sargent Stewart and 12 men were sent to the barrio of San Vincente, where a spur of the mts. comes close to the sea making a narrow pass, to catch the Ins. if they tried to join their comrades in the eastern part of the island.  About 11 P.M. the Ins. about 90 strong came over the paddies to the pass in single file.  Stewart had his men posted along the road with their backs to the sea and would have probably killed twice as many.