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On Board the S/S “Francisco Reyes,” September 7, 1901


Two weeks passed rapidly by in Manila while the problem of our assignment to various parts of the archipelago was being worked out by the General Superintendent and his helpers. Finally, I was notified that I was to go to the island of Panay. This did not mean much to me in the way of definite information, so I made bold to approach one of the half-gods in the General Office and ask him “What and where is Panay?” He replied that it is an island down toward the southern pert of the archipelago; that it is just across a. narrow strait from the recalcitrant island of Samar; and that whenever the murderous insurrectos of this latter-nemed place are hard-pressed by the military, they cross over into Panay end take it out upon the people there! *

(Foot-note – *My informant evidently hed Leyte in mind: instead of Panay. )

I have to confess that the prospect is totally devoid of alluring qualities and it was with very considerable misgivings that I went aboard the “Francisco Reyes” this afternoon with a number of other teachers and sailed for Iloilo, the metropolis of Panay.