Second Month, 11

We have passed a good deal of the past two days in presenting introductions and arranging for future work. The educational institutions are most open with respect to listening to addresses on peace. I had expected not to undertake such labor in Manila, or little of it ; but in the face of such an open door into institutions which are likely to affect the future thought and action of this country I dare not refuse to engage in this work for Christ.

This morning we visited what is probably one of the largest public primary schools in the world — the Meisic School of Manila. It boasts 3,100 pupils and sixty-five teachers, most of the latter Filipinos. At 10 o’clock it was an inspiring sight to see the bright-eyed youngsters lined up in the long porticos around the great square, in the center of the building, and at a given signal make a rush for the luncheon counters in the middle of the square. Then there was much munching and playing. Most of the little boys — about 2,000 of them — were dressed in white, whilst the girls were attired in the brilliant and picturesque garments that so become the natives of this interesting city.

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