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December 1, 1935

Sunday a.m. Malacañan Palace was thrown open to the public by the President’s orders—crowds of tao sightseers—Quezon’s about to leave on Banahao for Zamboanga with Roy Howard and his family as guests.  He had originally invited Jim Ross and me on this trip but did not renew the invitation, for which, at the moment, I am relieved. I asked him to fix definitely my status, and he cordially agreed to make my appointment as one of his “technical advisers” valid tomorrow –salary 15,000 pesos which he said was the same as that of the Vice-President and next to his own, the largest under the government. Read to me two editorials in the Tribune of that date unfriendly to his government and asked me to see Alejandro Roces, as his friend, and call his attention to his promise to support the administration. Also listened to my opinion on the proposed purchase of the Manila RR. bonds. Said it was much the same as Foley’s –whom he asked me to see. I expressed a desire to begin a study of papers on propositions to reform the Government now on file in Malacañan. He looked well, and is still on a milk diet. Said he would be back from the Southern Islands by Saturday next.

At 6 p.m. Doria gave a party at the Polo Club for Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Walford, Mr. & Mrs. Peters, Count Churruca, Correa, Lea, and Mr. & Mrs. Satterfield.