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June 28, 1937

a. General has directed me to get up estimates on total needs in mobilization equipment for next two years, to end of 1939. This amount, he says, he’s going to get Mr. Quezon to donate from “oil” money. If this is so, then we ought to return to original composition of budget. Says he’s been promised minimum of thirty million extra to finance plan.

b. General Santos has shown again that he will not stand fast on any project when appeals are made to him by subordinates.

He agreed to assignment of Garcia as district commanding officer, then weakened under maudlin appeal from Garcia and promised him he could stay as G-3.

He also came up with a plea to send school officers to states via tourist accomodations on Coolidge instead of dormitory accommodations on transport. He had a dozen reasons, but the real one is, as usual, “face”. I’m weary trying to save money when everyone else wants to spend it, so I said, “Do as you please”.

c. General MacA. wants to get construction of addition to this office for use of engineers that are to come over in October. He said, “My real purpose in having them here under my thumb is that, though paid by funds of the Power Development Corporation, I can use them to help us out whenever they are not busy on other work.” I am to go get Mr. Vargas’ permission to build the addition in the old wall.