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July 1, 1941

Manila News today reveal about massive Nazi attacks on USSR stretching 2,000 miles front from Arctic region to Black Sea. This is a massive confrontation considering USSR has more than 4 million active troops and 3 million in reserves, total 7.15 million world’s largest. Germany has 3.5 M active, 3.35 M reserves; Romania 1.8 M; Finland 401,000 both on Nazi side. Both sides claim victories in attacks or counterattacks.

Italian East Africa surrenders to the British allowing King Hailie Selassie to returned to his throne in Ethiopia. French Vichyites also surrenders Syria to the Allies. The British put down uprising in Iraq to gain complete control of the region.

Cadre training in all the 10 Mil Districts are continuing according to the master plan. Each military district is supposed to train 4,000 yearly or a total of 40,000 per year and theoretically, after 10 years we will have 400,000 trained men. The Infantry is the biggest PA branch of service and PCA alumni easily filled the required officers.  Col William Dosser ’08 and Major Mateo Capinpin of the Phil Scouts who was given the assimilated rank of Col are the early pioneers of the Infantry that saw birth in Camp Murphy where the Infantry School was established.  Col Dosser had two lovely daughters, Helen and Ruth, who used to attend our socials at Teachers Camp. I wonder where they are now.