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October 6, 1941

Our general mobilization is going according to schedule in all ten PA Military Districts. Personnel of the 2nd Regimental PA Reserve Divisions started reporting for duty in their respective Centers last Oct. 2.  By 1946, when we gain our independence, the defense plan would have trained adequate personnel with necessary armaments. OSP will have 50 Q-Boats by then but at  present we only have three.  With the mounting build up of Japanese forces in nearby Indo-China, I wonder what will happen if hostilities start way before 1946. Just wondering.

The bad news is the order by the US War Department that Plan Rainbow to be in effect in the Phil., which Gen. MacArthur as CG, USAFFE objected vigorously as it means less priority tantamount to immediate loss. He believes we can be defended successfully if given proper military hardware and logistics for training a total 200,000 troops expected to be mobilized by April 1942.

The good news is that joint naval exercises between Q-Boat RON One and PT RON THREE starts today to cover communications, basic tactics and formations.  These exercises are essential for future coordinated joint operations and will last for a week.

Manila news states that Nazi executed Czech Premier Alvis  Elias. In Paris, six synagogues  were blown up. Nazi warned Norwegians to comply with rules of the occupation or face starvation.