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November 30, 1941 

Quiet day–moved out near the field. Still on alert, have 9 P-40Es now. 34th left this morning. No air raid drills.

The 21st was assigned to Nichols Field, while the 34th was being sent to Del Carmen field, fifteen miles south of Clark Field. In Doomed I had indicated the 34th’s pilots flew into Del Carmen on November 27th, but Burns’ diary provides first-hand evidence they arrived three days later. Marett and his pilots were miffed that the 21st was being given all the 24 newly-arrived P-40s and would have to wait for theirs until the next half of the shipment arrived. Reluctantly, they left Nichols in some 12 to 15 of the cast-off P-35As, a plane they had never flown before arriving in the Philippines. Six of them were ground-looped when their pilots came in to land at the newly-operational field.