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Dec. 8, 1941

At 6:05 Major Speth phoned me that Pearl Harbor had been bombed. Turned the radio on and at 6:15 the news was confirmed. Called Capt. Calvert on the phone and told him to put into effect the 43rd WPO-3. calling for immediate movement to Damortis. Radioed Gen MacArthur as to wether to follow WPO3 or to remain in CJH. At eight oclock got official word that we were at war with Japan. Had an officers’ call at eight oclock putting WPO3 in effect. All officers moved to put it in effect. At a quarter past eight received word from Hqrs. USAFFE to disregard WPO3 and to guard post installations. Sent word to each officer accordingly. At 8:25 Major Allen called me outside of Hqrs to see perfect flight of planes away up in air, 17 of them. When overhead the leading plane dipped its wings and hell broke loose. Was hit on the head with a hunk of mud and ran inside. 128 bombs fell around us but none of our group was hurt. A few minutes later a messenger from the Mess said several there were killed. Went up right away. The Mess was a shamble. Collected several wounded and sent them to Hosp. The Mess Sgt. was killed. Saw Mrs. —- lying in the road near Mess garage. Turned her over and found she was living and lying on her baby. Put them into Mess bus and sent them to Hospital. Went up to scout Hill. Co A and east end was badly damaged. Many killed and wounded. Sent them to hosp. Back end of 5S badly damaged, and several killed and wounded. Sent them to hosp. Notified USAFFE. In afternoon went to hosp, and found eleven killed and 22 wounded, all sent to Notre Dame. Ordered killed to be buried. Ordered Mess abandoned and officers to eat at EMD. Ordered all guests to Country Club.