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13 December 1941

(Alongside Pier 3 Manila)

0603 Air raid sirens sounded – no planes appeared.

1155 Air raid sirens sounded.

1232 Twenty heavy bombers approached from north at about 8,000 feet, passing overhead and bombing Nichols
Field. At about the same time 8 light bombers attacked Nichols Field.

1247 About 18 more heavy bombers attacked Nichols Field. Heavy columns of smoke were noted in direction of bombing. Did not open fire on any bombers due to orders received and long range. However, considerable fire by Army guns of 3”, 37 mm. and 50. cal. noted but no hits observed. Two or three Army fighter planes were seen attacking later groups – results not observed.

After all clear sounded, USS PIGEON tied up to dock astern and delivered 14 torpedoes salvaged from Cavite,
some of them burned and otherwise damaged.

1745 Warped CANOPUS stern 90 degrees to starboard and moored to shoreline between Piers 3 and 5 in 20-27 feet of water so that ship could not sink far if hit. Started rigging fish net camouflage over the ship to break up outlines.