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December 13, 1941

We have been getting air raids rather regularly—a couple yesterday, one at six and again about noon today. The Japanese blasted Nichols Field again today, also Neilson airport. Others went out and strafed Zablan Field. Three separate squadrons went over the city today—total about 62 planes. Others were operating all over northern Luzon. They have complete control of the air from all appearances. The planes are very pretty in formation—light color, and hard to pick up at high altitudes. They fly in very fine formation, and must have a very accurate bomb sight for they seem to hit their targets—except when they bombed the bay. I couldn’t understand that, unless they thought some of our subs or other ships were there. Administrative matters are getting better, but far from perfect. Difficulty is still transportation, it is hard to feed and supply an Army without an adequate supply of motor vehicles. However, the situation is gradually improving, and we are now using the railroad more.