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Saturday, December 13, 1941

Came down to Manila with Daddy and Mother this morning. Jen came down with Walsers. Mme. Kollerman and the two Navarro brats came down with us. Mother and I visited at the school while all the others attended to their business. I was so cold and hungry. I helped the teachers make uniforms for the Sternberg nurses. At 11:00, Daddy came back and we slipped away from Mme Kollerman and came home. A whole swarm of boys (American soldiers) who were bombed out of Nichols are living there. They’re nice.

First, I got something to eat – then a nice warm bath. Then I helped Mama fix dinner for the guys and burnt the gravy. Just as we were all sitting down to eat, that dammed air-raid signal blew. So we went into the kitchen and Daddy, Mother, one of the guys, and I sat in the pantry. I sat on a shoe-box which collapsed. After the raid, the guys left and we went back to camp.