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December 17, 1941

No air raids today either. I have done very well on sleep the last two nights. It almost appears there is no war—except for the continued activity and bustle during the day. Our major problem is still one of transportation. We are harassed by requests from all quarters for transportation of all kinds, yet everyone knows that there are no military vehicles available. Everyone appears to be of the opinion this office has some magic quality whereby trucks can be produced from the hat at will. Officers of all grades ask for the most ridiculous things, when they well know the supply situation, and that if we filled all such requests as they were received someone else would suffer for lack of essentials. I am sure that this is the world’s worst G-4 situation. Certainly, no U.S. Army officer has ever before been confronted with a supply problem such as the one which faces us here. However, we have managed thus far.