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December 18, 1941

The Japs decided we had been permitted to rest long enough so they staged another party today. Bombed Nichols Field again and strafed it, then moved over to Zablan Field and gave it a taste of the same thing. However, no serious damage was reported. I had just finished lunch when it started, and went outside to see what was going on. I could see four low-flying planes over Nichols Field, and watched them move over to Zablan and operate there. The Japs are better pilots than we gave them credit for. They are quite accurate in their bombing, and their flying formations are quite tight and well maintained. Thus far, our AA artillery has been unable to break up a formation with its fire. Of course the Japs are coming in very high—25,000 feet or so—and are for the most part out of range of our AA artillery.