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Sunday, December 21, 1941

This morning we had our Sunday morning services. After that, Mother, Daddy, and I walked down to Tay-Tay. It was a very pleasant walk and from certain clear places on the road bank you could see Manila, Cavite, McKinley, and Nichols. Down at Tay-Tay, we bought some huge cincamas, a papaya, and some pechay. At Pastor Angeles’ store – which we spent around an hour in finding, we bought several canned things. We got caught in an air-raid that lasted an hour or more and had to sit in a little grocery store. It was around noon when we started back and it was terribly hot. On top of that we were all hot and tired and thirsty.

But Mr. Colas and some other men from camp came by in a station wagon and picked us up. O boy!

They were bringing ice up from Tay-Tay so we had ice for lunch. Cold water tasted so good.

I slept most of the afternoon, waking up just in time to take a bath. Then supper.