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Fri. Dec. 26/41

Had a quiet night except for the dogs. Cecil thought they were bad over on Rubi Street, but I think they are worse here. Air raids started about 10 a.m. four or five waves of nine each came over, and all seemed to drop bombs on the Port Area. We saw some leaflets dropped this morning. Saw one that was dropped yesterday. It was encouraging the Filipinos to fight against the Americans. More wild rumors going around. I will list a few of the more fantastic ones. Some days ago they said the water had been poisoned, and people went frantic again for a few hours. Then they said that the invaders had dropped gas, and people went frantic again to get gas masks and Anti-gas solution. First we heard that 10,000 Chinese troops had landed on Cavite and next we heard that it was 120,000 that had landed. Then we heard that 300 fighter planes were to come from Corregidor, and later that 15,000 were to come from Australia. And later still that only 7000 Australian troops were coming. Yesterday the rumor got started that Manila was to be evacuated completely, but there was no truth in it. Some talk of the Authorities declaring Manila to be an open city, but not decided yet. The all clear signal just blew, and the raids are over once again. Guess they did plenty of damage this time, at least many bombs were dropped in the Fort Area. Walk to San Andres to visit the folks there. All of Misos home now.