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Sunday, December 28, 1941

Daddy went in to Manila again and Fred went with him. All the Lazagas and all of us went up to the new garage with them and Marj and I raced back downhill.

Mrs. Stagg drafted Marj and I to sing in the choir, so we put on the robes and trailed in with the choir. By the time all the announcements were finished, it was time to get ready for lunch.

After lunch, I took a short siesta, then took a bath. After that, Marj and I climbed the trees around here and had a water gun fight with Sammy and the others.

Then supper, devotions, and to bed.

Had guard duty from 11:00 to 3:00 and wrote a 16-page letter to Sis.

The Colas kids kept me company.