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Dec. 30, 1941

Left early for Imugan. The first four hours were very hard. Then it got easier. Arrived at Imugan about three. Found a note from Major Fellows dated the 27th. Said the Japs were rapidly approaching San Jose and that he was going on with his men. We left a lot of the older men at Imugan to go home as they could not keep up. Made a 64 KM forced march, in 24 hrs. Left Imugan at half past six at night after two hour rest. Hiked to Santa Fe where we found our tricks all dismantled. Kept on up over Balete Pass. Capt. Glitter, Capt. Starnes, Pvt. Marshall and I acted as a point. Hiked well until daylight, then slept until ten. Then hiked to Digdig Gate. Here we learned that the Japs had taken San Jose on the 28th.