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December 31, 1941 

No bombing at all today. Doesn’t seem possible that there is a war going on. Beautiful sunsets, lovely moonlight nights. This would be a nice tour of duty some other time.


Not a bad year as a whole, finished flying school, got Pur. All set to get married. Assignment to the P.I.’s fixed that, but could have waited and am planning on it. However, I have a war to go through now. Hope I can get out OK. Will be lots of fighting though between now and then, maybe the Japs don’t know my name. I hope.

Early this morning, Colonel George had called the camp to order seven of the more senior, combat-experienced, pursuit pilots there to report to his Headquarters at noon. They were being assigned to go to Australia and pick up P-40s that had arrived there as reinforcements for the Philippines and fly them back to Bataan. At 3:00 p.m. they flew out of Bataan Field in an old Beech 18 transport and headed south.