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January 6, 1942 

Went up on the rot. Mighty rough country and thick brush. Be mighty tough fighting in that stuff. Dividing Sqd’n into Platoons and going to teach them Infantry tactics. I have “C” Flight–3rd Platoon.

MacArthur’s Chief of Staff, Sutherland, had told Colonel George on January 7th that he wanted all Air Corps officers and men remaining on Bataan–except flying personnel and those in support of flying operations–assigned to infantry duties on beach defense, albeit on a temporary basis. The Headquarters Squadron of the 24th Pursuit Group, plus its 3d, 21st, and 34th Squadrons, were being assigned to Brig. Gen. Selleck’s 71st Division, charged with defending the west sector of Bataan. Apparently Burns and the other 21st Pursuit officers had gotten the word a day earlier. Dyess was back with his squadron and was supervising the training. He divided the enlisted men into three platoons of about fifty men each, with each platoon assigned a non-flying officer of the squadron. According to my documentation, 2d Lt. Linus Schramski was in charge of the 3rd platoon, evidently an error given Burns’ first-hand statement that he was put in charge of it, converted from his old C Flight.