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January 10, 1942

Another bombless day. Had one air alarm this p.m. and learned that 23 Jap planes were reported in vicinity of Mariveles, but none visited us. The respite is fortunate, as we are getting the water mains fixed up and a number of other things accomplished without interference. The water supply is just about normal again. I thought we might have an attack on the Abucay position today. The Japs appear to be in position, and are equipped with artillery and tanks, but for some reason did not start. There has been a little fighting between patrols, and some counter battery work—otherwise no particular activity. Generals MacArthur and Sutherland made the circuit of Bataan today to see how things were going. Left at 6:30 this a.m. and returned about 4:00 p.m. After their return Gen. MacArthur brought President Quezon in to point out some things on my G-4 supply map. President Quezon remarked that 40 years ago he had been fighting in Bataan against the U.S. and that he surrendered at Mariveles. I told him that Gen. McRae had been in command of the troops at the time he surrendered.

I have a hard time keeping up with the days of the week. I usually know the date, because this book is dated but, for example, was surprised to learn that today is Saturday. Japs pushed in our outpost in some places today, but for most part believe it is being reestablished.