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January 14, 1942

Had a little excitement today for a change. We had a couple of false air raid alarms, and then a couple of real ones. They dropped some bombs today for the first time since January 6. I don’t believe they did any real damage, and haven’t heard of any casualties. However, the Japs took it on the chin today. Out of a flight of nine bombers they lost four for sure, and four others are known to be hit and may never get back to the base. Assuming about a 50 percent loss, the Japs will like this place less and less as time goes by. The 57th apparently has been having a tough time the past two days, and Col. Clarke has been ordered in here for conference with the Chief of Staff, who wants to get some firsthand information on the situation, and on Jap tactics which are reputed to be very unorthodox. Col. Funk has been ordered over to relieve Clarke during his absence from the Regiment. Col. Clarke came in this evening, but I had no chance to have a real talk with him. Am still bothered with the cold and sore throat, and feel like the dickens all the time. Our new quarters in Tunnel #10 will soon be completed and we will be a little more comfortable. We will have running water and showers, so can at least keep clean.