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January 15, 1942

Jap planes flew around the island today, but don’t believe any came within range of the AA artillery. I imagine they have a healthy respect for the marksmanship of the gun crews. Had a talk with Col. Clarke this a.m. and he tells amazing things of Jap tactics and conduct. Japs filter through lines under cover of darkness, then assemble in groups, fire their weapons, and yell. The idea being to create confusion and frighten our troops. He also told of Jap soldiers destroying tank mines by jumping on them. Said three complete rows of tank mines were destroyed in this way—soldiers yelling “Banzai” and then jumping on the mine to explode it, which, of course, was sure death. He also told of Jap soldiers lying down on double apron barbed wire obstacle and permitting others to cross the wire by walking on their bodies. Strange doings, to say the least. They don’t appear to do anything in an orthodox manner. I am very curious to hear what Funk has to say about the situation after he has had a couple of days’ experience. Radio came in today which indicated help might be forthcoming, but question is—“when.” I still have the sore throat and cold, but feel a little more like a human being today. After a good night’s sleep tonight I should be almost normal tomorrow. I wish something could be done about the food and ammunition situation. Both are bad.