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January 21, 1942

Has been very quiet all day as far as activity on Corregidor is concerned. There has been no air alarm, and so far as I know, not a hostile plane has been near the island all day. However, the Japs have been quite busy at the front and filtered some troops through the trails around Mount Natib. They appear to be in some strength on the left of the II Corps [Parker’s command] but numbers are unknown. They also worked around the right of the I Corps and got down as far as Pilar-Bigac road.8 Some are also on the west road in the rear of the 1st P.A. Division which is on our front line. The situation is very confused due to lack of information, as groups of Japs are reported in most unlikely places. Also, it is impossible to operate according to usual principles in such rough country, and when opposed by such unorthodox methods. However, it must be admitted that their methods appear to be quite successful under these conditions. The net result is going to be our withdrawal from the main battle position to the Reserve Battle Position. It begins tonight with the movement of 155 guns to new positions. I phoned Galbraith to take necessary action to start movement south of any supplies north of Reserve Position. Fortunately there is practically nothing to be moved in a hurry. Installations were located initially to care for such contingency. Sutherland came back from visit to front tonight—relieved C/S of II Corps and appointed Funk. Had a nice moon for while tonight. New moon.