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January 22, 1942

I went over to Bataan today. The situation in our front has become so uncertain and confusing that the General decided last night to start the withdrawal to the Reserve Battle Position. It is to begin tonight by withdrawal of 155 mm guns. However, I figured I had better talk things over with the advance echelon, and also with service heads over there—hence the visit. Went first to advance echelon CP [command post] on signal hill. It was so cold there I had to wear an overcoat. During the day we made arrangements for the withdrawal of supply establishments which are located too far forward. Fortunately, not many will have to be moved.

The situation in front is still very much in the air. The Japs worked into the center of the position through the mountainous area around Mount Natib and are to be found in small groups all through that region. They are still in rear of the 1st P.A. Division, and, so far as I can see, have it cut off from the remainder of the I Corps. Efforts to dislodge them have been unsuccessful up to the present. I do not believe they are present in great numbers, and cannot understand why the I Corps doesn’t drive them out. On the other hand, the situation in II Corps is clearing up. Patrols sent out from the 57th Infantry today advanced several thousand yards and made no contact. It doesn’t make sense. Came back from Bataan at 8 p.m.—very dirty, as roads over there are in bad shape and very dusty.