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January 23, 1942 

Called out at 3:00 A. and after last night. Two small detachments of Japs on our end of the island. We can’t have that. Half the Sqd’n still out hunting them.

One force of 900 Japanese under Colonel Tsunehiro embarked in landing craft the night before and set out for the west coast of Bataan. However, due to inadequate maps, heavy seas, and attacks by PT 34, the Japanese became separated, one group of 300 landing at Longaskawayan Point and the others six miles north at Quinauan Point. The Longaskawayan landing was opposed by the Naval Battalion and the 3rd Pursuit, while at Quinauan, the Japanese were met by 260 men of the 34th Pursuit Squadron. Burns’ 21st Pursuit was in reserve, further inland, though apparently part of the squadron had been ordered to join in the resistance the first day of the landing, returning that night to its bivouac area.