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Wednesday, February 4, 1942

We went to Calinog to visit Coné’s patients, as I mentioned before that the Mission Hospital is now there and taken over by the Army. Col. Deater is in charge. He is a very fine chap and very friendly. We had lunch with him, Mr. Heisey, Mr. Gemperle and Mr. Smith. Miss Buckner was also there. Mr. Heisey is in seventh heaven as he is back in the Army. They all had just returned from Army headquarters.

After lunch, we went over to Josephine’s and met Helen Nolte, they are staying on the farm, 8 km from Calinog.

On the way home we stopped at Passi to look for a house, as Coné would have more practice and would be closer to the hospital. We found one so I suppose next week we will evacuate again. At Hoskyn’s store in Passi we met a young fellow that was able to escape from Manila and he said, “The people in Manila are in a terrible condition and especially the Americans and British.” He saw Mable and Jackie Heise and Don Bell (a radio announcer) in the concentration camp. Rice in Manila is ₱20.00 a sack and the normal price was only ₱5.00.