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February 8, 1942

A very busy Sunday. How I wish I could just stay home and smoke and tinker around the house and plant in the garden! There is nothing like a quiet life at home.

Mrs. Dolores Paterno de Tuason together with other members of the Tuason family have about 3,000 cavans of palay in Marikina, Rizal. Mrs. Tuason has 1,000 cavans immediately available and the other 2,000 are still to be threshed. Made the following offer after due consultation with Mr. Noya: (1) If taken from Marikina by NARIC, ₱2.50 per cavan of palay. (2) If brought by Mrs. Tuason and placed in our warehouse, ₱2.75 per cavan of palay. (3) If she will place the rice at our warehouse here in Manila ₱6.80.

The Japanese have a Filipino informer in the office. I don’t care if they have a thousand and one spies in the office as long as they are honest. But if the informers are the first ones who are crooked and I cannot take action against them because of their particular position, the office morale will be undermined. Which reminds me of what Confucius said: “Exalt the straight, set aside the crooked, the people will be loyal. Exalt the crooked, set aside the straight, the people will be disloyal.”

Oh well, this is not the era of Confucius. This is the era of Confusion.