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February 9, 1942

The Japs opened up on Corregidor again today and fired quite a number of rounds. I was outside for a short time while they were firing, and the explosion is not particularly loud. The caliber of the gun has been definitely established as 105 mm. Our guns at Drum and Frank took them under fire and I believe they destroyed the battery this noon. At least it has been silent. Heard some good tales of individual soldiers today from Hill [Inspector General Department]. One scout soldier got eight Japs with eight shots in engagement on the west coast. Another (57th Infantryman) at Abucay was dead when discovered. Around him were some 70-odd empty cartridge cases, and in front of him were 53 dead Japs.

The number of Jap dead at Quinauan Point is rising. It will probably be 500 when they are all counted. Another effort made by the Japs to land last night ended disastrously for them. They towed some barges within artillery range and the barges were full of men. The artillery first sunk the tug, and then proceeded to knock the barges into bits. No real estimate can be made of Jap losses as most of the men in the barges were probably drowned. Can’t understand weak efforts at west coast attempts to land, as they have all been failures, and have cost the Japs a lot of men. Believe they will stop now.