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February 15, 1942 

Sunday. The day I figured help would get here. But no soap. Fixed the tent up today. The A.C. can be thankful for Gen. George, he is on the ball.

From the time we left Manila for Bataan until now has been pretty near hell. Sqd’n turned Inf. and lost some of our best men fighting in the brush. We aren’t getting enough to eat, and are tiring out, all troops need a rest. I can’t see what they are thinking of in the States, they surely could have gotten some help in here, both troops and planes, U.S. aid for every place but the P.I.’s . There certainly have been some big errors made since this thing started. I hope I get a chance to tell about them. Would give a heck of a lot to see the folks and Jean.

Burns apparently refers to promised help from the U.S. (Then) Colonel George had moved his command to Bataan Field on January 17th in order to supervise operations of his little flying detachment directly. He was immensely popular with officers and enlisted men alike, evincing concern about their welfare and disdainful of the privileges of his rank.