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February 20, 1942

Jerry was on the rampage over the 12 five-pound cans we had turned in—milk enough for three months for four of us. They won’t give even a can of it back and it is not being used just for babies and children. A few favorites get it in coffee every morning.

We hear that about 20 to 25 thousand were wiped out by Corregidor guns.

We are allowed no commingling for two nights because of infractions of rules.

The girls now get autographs on handkerchiefs which they then embroider in black as souvenir of internment. They clamored for Nakamura’s the day he was to leave until he must have felt like a movie actor.

We recall Mukibo’s talk to us the first night. “This is war. The Japanese Imperial Army is in command and you must obey. If a gun is found, not turned over, you will all be held responsible. The mistake of one is the mistake of all (this over and over for two days). If one tres to escape, five will be shot.” Later we were told that five men and five women had been chosen for this out of our group.