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March 2, 1942 — Monday

I attended to the trip of Manolin, Delgado and Abad Santos with Sergeant Villahermosa. I ordered Manolin to go to Dumaguete to ask Captain Macon U.S. Army for a truck to take our baggage to Bacolod. Fortunately, the car of Governor Lizares which the President used on this trip was returning home and Manolin, Delgado and Abad Santos were able to ride in it. They left after the luncheon.

The President and his family with Colonel Nieto and myself, Chaplain Ortiz, and Lieutenant Salazar left Bais Sugar Central at 5 p.m. for Negros Occidental. We had dinner on the mountain road (sandwiches). We met Colonel Hilsman and Captain Mason on the road and they accompanied us. We arrived at Buenos Aires, summer home of the late Don Jorge Araneta, at about 11 p.m. A nice place. The President and family occupy the second floor. We are lodged in the ground floor where there are 5 small rooms. I selected a small room for myself. It is very nice.