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March 12, 1942

Many things have taken place since I have begun writing. On February 4 we moved from Dueñas to Passi for Coné’s practice. Passi is 5 km from Dueñas. We were only there a short while, and on Feb. 16 Coné was called into the U.S. Army. Dr. Porras recommended that he would be placed in the hospital at Calinog and also Col. Caiedo recommended it. So, he is now working at the base hospital.

On March 7 we moved to Calinog—our fifth evacuation. We have a very nice nipa house and quite large, including a sala (living room), 3 bedrooms, a big dining room, a servant’s room and a nice big kitchen. The garden is beautiful with many flowers and shrubbery, and the back yard is enormous with palm trees and banana plants. It is very convenient for Coné as the hospital is right around the corner.

Yesterday Coné received orders to transfer to the Capiz hospital, now located at Dumalág, about 30 km from here. We shall not follow as it is very difficult to move around so much, and another thing, we have a good hideout within walking distance in case of invasion. We do not have to depend on Coné. John (our cook) is with us and I have another man to help us scram out. Saragosa (our maid) has been with us until two days ago – she is now on a 2-week vacation. Veronica (our other maid) does our laundry, so we are not so bad off as others. Some have no servants at all.

Today Coné went to his new station, but will return tomorrow (Saturday). Many things are happening every day and the papers never publish our losses in the Islands. All our big ships have been sunk – S.S. MAYON, DON ESTEBAN, DON ISIDRO, VENUS, PANAY, LEGASPI, PRINCESS OF NEGROS, and numerous smaller ships.

We have heard that some of the refugees from Manila travelling in sail boats have been machine gunned. Believe me, when we hear airplanes overhead we seek shelter at once.

I haven’t written for several weeks and so much has taken place that I do not believe I can recall everything.

We are now in our latest hideout – a nipa shack way out in the mountains or high hills and we are very well hidden. There is nothing for us to do but wait and trust in God.