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March 15, 1942

Gen. Moore is continuing the mess which was vacated by Gen. MacArthur, thank goodness, and invited me to continue as a member. Most of the food was left here by President Quezon, and includes numerous delicacies which aren’t available for issue. We have a very good brand of white wine, for instance, which was the President’s private stock. Most is gone now though.

Haven’t received my promotion yet. I have accepted, but haven’t been officially notified by the W.D. [War Department]. They are slow, as I was nominated last Monday, and the Senate usually confirms on Friday. They slipped this time though. This job is going to ruin me yet. I am trying to arrange for the continuation of Gen. MacArthur’s trip and as a result am relaying radios in every direction. This grind isn’t too good for my health, but I can’t help it.