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March 16, 1942

I am still up to my ears trying to move Gen. MacArthur, and now I have to try to move President Quezon too. His boat has been taken by the Japs and he has no way of leaving his present location. I don’t know whether, in taking his boat, the Japs learned that he was staying in La Carlota, Negros. Some of his things might have been on the boat. I haven’t been able to find out. However, he appealed to Gen. MacArthur for help (not knowing that Gen. MacArthur isn’t here) and I am going to move him using the Navy PT boats. I will be glad when it is done, for it is a big responsibility to try to move him—all from such a distance as this. It is also a hazardous trip, for the Visayan waters are full of Jap destroyers right now. They really have slapped a blockade on the Visayan group and it is very difficult to move anything there. However, the PT boats are fast and I believe they can make it.