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March 17, 1942

Well, we got Gen. MacArthur and his staff moved at least, and that is one thing off my mind. They arrived in Australia today. It was a relief to me for I have been badly worried about it—to say nothing of the additional load occasioned by the volume of radios. Have been expecting to hear from Gen. MacArthur, but not a word direct. Had only a radio from Brett. Still have President Quezon on my hands. Gen. MacArthur wants him to go to Mindanao, and he is willing to go when he gets transportation. We plan to move him tonight with the PT boats. Only two are available for some reason. One is reported to be out of order. All instructions are now being transmitted through Sharp as we lost radio contact with Hilsman at La Carlota yesterday. Can’t understand why we can’t get radio through to Hilsman. However, all plans are now made and everything set for tonight.