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March 18, 1942

I’ll be a physical and mental wreck yet. At the last minute we received word that seven Jap destroyers were cruising around in the very area where President Quezon was to be picked up last night. It may have been just a coincidence, but it was odd, to say the least. I tried to stop the movement, and sent messages to Hilsman, Sharp, and Chynoweth to inform the President that destroyers were in the vicinity and it should be called off. It was so late this evening when I received word about the hostile ships that messages may not arrive in time. It has been a hectic day in other respects too. I have orders from Gen. MacArthur to report direct to him in all matters, and am not supposed to communicate direct with the W.D. I can’t get in touch with him and haven’t had a word of any kind from him since he left.