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April 2, 1942

I believe the rainy season will soon begin in Bataan. It starts in April there as Mariveles Mountain has an influence on the weather. It rains now and then over there. We can see it distinctly from here. For the most part it will rain high up on the slopes of the mountain, while in the foothills and along the coast the sun will be shining It is beautiful from here. However, it will be bad for the troops in Bataan when the rainy season begins in earnest, for everything gets soaking wet over there.

Business as usual today, although there were fewer bombs than ever. Some flights came over, and a couple were shot down. We are preparing a broadcast here to be transmitted to the States on Army Day. It will be relayed from Australia and broadcast on an NBC hookup all over the U.S. I am going to introduce Gen. Wainwright.