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April 2, 1942

Thursday Off Alasasin Pt.

We got up a pool today of $300 to be given to the lucky winner when Tokyo is bombed. The man who has signed up for the date takes all. I have the 8th of each month. I hope I win and within the week.

The crew has had so many raises in pay that they’re trying to find new ways of spending their money. Some have won as much as $800 playing poker – the stakes are mighty – much too much so for me.

Today there were a total of 42 heavy Jap bombers seen, most of them over Bataan. We don’t know what they were doing; might have been bombing behind our lines. A flight of 6 and another of 4 bombed Corregidor during the morning. 2 of the 6 were hit by AA fire, having ventured a little too low. I also saw a P-40 this evening for the
first time in many days.

We sent 10 mince pies over to Battery D, which was officially credited with the shooting down of the planes the other day in full view of everyone. The way the pies were being handled, they would probably have ended up as mincemeat in any case.

Goodnight darlings.