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Friday April 3, 1942

117 days

“Good Friday” It is and Tojo is taking advantago of It. One bombing with our breakfast and the shelling started soon after. We are huddled together In a trench under a large tree. We’ve had another bombing in the near vicinity and the shells whistle past regularly. Some close ones make us pull leather. Yesterday was an unpleasant one with continuous air activity. We had a quiet supper and evening and a good night’s sleep. This morning early an attack started on our MLR. It didn’t lat long but there was much rifle fire.

The news last night spoke of a convoy very close by. We’ve been fooled so often we don’t put much stock in such stories. I would like to believe any good news and do belleve help is on the way. It’e going to be too late pretty soon. If we weren’t so tired and hungry we would all be much on edge.