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April 5, 1942

The Holy Week is over. Secretary Vargas issued a statement on Maundy Thursday saying that the Military authorities have authorized the traditional processions. But there were no processions. Nobody was in the mood or had the time to organize them. All the images we had in Santo Domingo had been burned, so even if we wanted, we could not hold the usual procession of the Holy Sepulcher.

Church attendance in Intramuros was minimal; many residents of Intramuros had not yet returned to their homes since there was no transportation. The Good Friday Sermons of the “Siete Palabras” were not preached, except in Quiapo Church.

The University Chapel had been open to the public and was well attended. The Japanese sentries allowed the internees to attend Mass on Maundy Thursday. The Apostolic Delegate officiated the Mass for them after the non-internees had left the Chapel.

Today, Easter Sunday, we celebrated a solemn Mass. The internees were treated with utmost consideration by their guards.