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April 5th 1942

I have just returned from an inspection trip up the west side. All of the truck parks, Gas dumps, all ammunition and ration dis. points. All of them have suffered from the bombers. I finally arrived at 1st Corps Hq where I saw a lot of old friends: Gen. Jones, Perkins, his A.D.C. and Bob Lindsay G. of Art. 1st Corps. He is just the same.

Went up beyond the Corps Amm. Dump on my way back. The bombers came over during my inspection. We hit the dirt, but they must have been empty as they dropped nothing.

A long talk with other members of the staff. It looks like the end is near. Gasoline is running short. We are blending aviation gas with kerosene to make something that we can run the trucks on., All Diesel fuel is gone, so we had to stop work on the air fields. Food such as it is, we issue about 1/5 of the American ration by weight, it amounts to about 1200calories. We all feel that to surrender is the only choice. Our Hosp. are crowded with sick and wounded and at best without relief. Our food will be gone in less than one week.