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Sunday April 5, 1942

119 days.

Eeater Sunday and I’m a sick child. My head is splitting and I’ve been running all night with dysentery. Mostly I’m just exhausted mentally and physically. After our classlc withdrawal we returned too close to our old locality. The Jape had movod in so we were assigned a new position. Tojo located us and dropped a lot of big bombs. That seemed to finish me. I’m as jumpy as a cat. The boye are all done in. Little rest, less food, no securlty — all make for breaking them down. We are attached to the PC. (Philippine Caonstabulary) now and will be a flank guard.

Sparks was fired on yesterday and almoet lost all hie belonging. They were recovered by one of the boye. I’m going to try to get some rest in the next couple of days. I can’t go on thie way. I’ll crack up. The whole situation is very bad and the boys are leaving by squads. The hiking and hills and stumbling in the dark wear a fellow out.