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April 6, 1942

Situation doesn’t look good in Bataan tonight. Philippine Army troops have been bombed and strafed so much that their morale is not good. In addition, they’re getting about one-third ration—or total of one square meal a day. Doctor says that they are getting about 1000 calories, which is just about enough to keep a man alive if he stays in bed. Consequently, troops are weak and in poor condition to resist a determined attack. The 31st Infantry was attacked and pushed back this evening. Haven’t a complete report on it yet. No bombs here, however. Probably all of the Jap effort is being concentrated on Bataan. This business of being bombed and strafed every day for four months, with no rest or relief, is enough to make anyone a little jittery. I hope the Luzon Force can fix that line up. We have the troops to do it, but it appears to be a question of their physical ability.