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April 11, 1942

Things are beginning to straighten out here a little after the sudden influx from Bataan. A lot of people came over here who were not supposed to come. They used all kinds of means to get here, and I heard that some of them swam part of the way and were picked up by boats. At any rate, we have a miscellaneous collection of personnel, a great deal of whom are not of much use in the defense of the island. Things don’t look so well at Cebu either. The Japs have landed at several places on both coasts and are pushing inland at every point. We haven’t heard from Chynoweth so don’t know whether he has been captured or has been unable to establish radio contact again after leaving Cebu. Force attacking Cebu estimated to be 12,000 but I’ll venture it is smaller.

Have a bad cold today—possibly a little flu—which I caught the night of April 8–9. Went to bed after lunch and remained there. I am doing business in bed. We have been bombed and shelled all day today. We are due to catch it from now on from both sides of the bay and from the air.