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Sunday April 12, 1942

We moved to Bingawan at 8:30 p.m., our baggage carried on 29 “carrosa’s” (a sled-like vehicle without wheels. It is dragged along the ground on two bamboo poles) drawn by caraboas (water buffalos) across the hills, and we walked by lantern light. Can you imagine we had the three dogs, two birds and two angora cats (one belonged to Dorothy and the other mine)!

We arrived in the barrio at 11:00 p.m. pretty well tired out. Josephine did her best to make us comfortable in a two-room nipa shack, all 12 of us.

Bingawan is not very far from Dumalág (about 15 miles) and Coné came to see us the following day – he only stayed a short while. He brought his trunk carried by a porter, and his typewriter and some alcohol.